Support for ‘Sisters in Law’ – Afghan Women Police

International Support for Women Police in Afghanistan

In October 2014, a workshop was held to guide and advise on creating Police Women Councils (PWC) in Afghanistan. The IAWP, though not in direct attendance, was able to provide guidance and support in creating PWCs. Participating and assisting the Afghan Women’s Council is UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan); EUPOL (European Union Afghanistan); ISAF (International Security Assistance Force); and, UNDP/LOTFA (United Nations Development Program, Law and Order Trust for Afghanistan). The material provided is a snapshot of this critical milestone for Afghanistan women police. This event underscores the importance of the the IAWP Campaign to raise awareness of the challenges facing police women in Afghanistan.
View the PDF file, or, visit the IAWP Campaign on raising awareness to the challenges facing women police in Afghanistan.


Campaign for Afghan WOmen Police