Afghan Connection Event – An Invitation

560634_384726981564752_76982957_t  An invitation to Afghan Connection’s second annual event at The Royal Geographical Society featuring a line-up of top literary figures whose works have collectively helped to put the spotlight on activities and issues affecting the country and its people.

  Please click on the link below to book your tickets as entry is strictly by ticket only.

Afghan Connection funds and supports schools, teachers and sports opportunities, especially in rural areas. With our partners we have built 39 schools across Afghanistan, which currently educate over 50,000 children.

The people of Afghanistan have lived with war for thirty years. Almost half the population are children under 14. Since 2001, the number of school children has risen from 1 million to over 9 million, 40% of whom are girls, but millions of children are still denied an education.

The children who learn today are the teachers, doctors, nurses, agriculturalists and leaders of tomorrow.  The country has a chance to develop a strong economy, a stable society and its own promising futur

Afghan Connection Event