Booklet for Afghan women facing violence

A free resource for women facing or experiencing violence made available by Free Women Writers’.  Read their original post below. 
“A guide for women facing gender-based violence, You Are not Alone derives from years of research, speaking with survivors of violence and our experiences as women and survivors. Through this book, we share stories inspired by the lives of women we’ve met through FWW in the past four years and the lessons learned from their battles for freedom and safety. We will also debunk the many myths that continue to surround conversations on gender-based violence and harm women around the world and provide specific and practical tips on ways you can deal with the violence you or someone you love may be facing.

Most importantly, we write to reassure you that if you are a survivor of violence, it is not your fault. You do not deserve to live in violence. You did not do anything to cause it. You are not responsible for the actions of your abuser. You have the right to live happily and to feel loved, cherished, and respected. You are not defined by the violence you have faced or continue to face. You are a whole human being born with the undeniable right to have control over your own body and live a life without physical, sexual, or emotional violence and intimidation. and you are not alone in your journey to freedom.
Access our book for free here.”

We were also able to publish our book You Are Not Alone in English! You can support the publication and distribution of this book and other resources for women in Afghanistan by purchasing our book in English. All Free Women Writers members and contributors are volunteers and 100% of proceeds go to increasing educational opportunities for women through our scholarship and increasing access to consciousness-raising literature. Learn more about work here. Thank you for supporting gender equality in Afghanistan.