Creative intervention needed to bring political stability


There is an urgent need for a creative intervention from Afghans within Afghanistan and our international allies to bring stability to the current crises and to secure the future of Afghanistan.  Holding elections does not constitute democracy or democratic practices.  Afghanistan is far from democracy with the current system.   What we have now is closer to  “organized autocratic anarchy.”  However, Afghans are hopeful despite all the serious challenges.

Abuse of power is prevalent throughout the system.  The “system” consists of top leadership and all of their close family and friends, regardless of their education or experience in governance or system building.   When a minister leaves, everyone leaves with him.   Most of the training and scholarships, offered through various programs by the international community, are used by close family and friends of the leaders. Not that they use the training to learn, but to take trips abroad, because many of them never had the chance to travel outside Afghanistan – unless they were at the refugee camps in Pakistan.

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Sherjan is the founder and CEO of Aid Afghanistan for Education, president of Boumi Company and coauthor of “Toughing It Out in Afghanistan.”