Farkhunda Scholarships


THE FARKHUNDA TRUST was founded by Afghan women’s rights activist Rahela Sidiqi who was determined to improve the situation of women in Afghanistan following the tragic death of Farkhunda Malikzada.

Rahela’s embryonic project was supported by The Afghan Women’s Support Forum whose members are proud to see it flourishing.

THE FARKHUNDA TRUST is an independent organisation however and its members should be contacted via its own website      www.farkhundatrust.org or via  info@farkundatrust.org.

The Trust’s mission  is to provide scholarships and mentoring to exceptional female students. Selected news and reports about its activities will also appear on this page.




You’re invited! Join us for a special charity event in support of  helping young Afghan women to pursue their higher education in Afghanistan. The lunch event will feature a series of speakers, special announcements and presentations, and a raffle where you can win authentic Afghan handicraft. The event will take place at the Ariana Restaurant serving traditional Afghan and Persian food.  For more details and to book click HERE

https-%2f%2fcdn-evbuc-com%2fimages%2f24996593%2f62256011743%2f1%2foriginalDATE AND TIME Sat, December 3, 2016 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT

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LOCATION Ariana Restaurant, 108 Bourne Terrace, London W2 5TH

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