Words on war and winter – Afghan Women’s Writing Project

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project  is proud to present two new packages on the blog: “Fighting Violent Extremism” and “Winter in Afghanistan.”


Fighting Violent ExtremismAWWP_logo-415x138-red

In this package that will continue throughout the year, AWWP writers share their anger against violence and unceasing war, but also their blueprints for peace.

In Shogofa Az’sI Want the Foreign Troops to Stay and Help Afghanistan”:

The Taliban does not want us to be free. Even this much killing of us has not been enough—they want to see more coffins. I am sad we give them this chance. If I were making the policy decisions, I would ask the foreign troops to stay. Not forever. They have families too. I would ask them to train our own forces so we can keep peace. I would also ask the world not to give Afghanistan money because the money does not go to the people or places that really need it. We should build our country by ourselves.

Winter in Afghanistan

In this package, AWWP writers show what is beautiful, and what is cruel, about the coldest season.

In Arezu’sWinter Has Two Faces” readers witness loving moments of togetherness:

Winter brings opportunities to relax. Men take time to play with their children in the snow, sometimes more than fifty centimeters high. Women spin sheep’s wool into yarn and make socks, gloves, and dress material. Children learn the Holy Quran at the village mosque or from the local mullah. During the long winter nights family members gather to read poems and tell stories while drinking tea and snacking on walnuts and dried berries.”

But in Raha’s poem “To the Poor People of My Country in Winter”, we must confront the horror of poverty in the cold:

I know how painful it is

To return home with no money

To see your children shivering, hungry

bb898f21-630f-4d1b-b32c-aa715067cd54Hoping for something warm to eat

I can imagine your lives 

I have been one of you

Now I am warm, but broke

I can do nothing for you

But pray, with a broken heart,

For a better day

When children play outside on snowy days

And return home to hot food