WAW urges action over proposed new law

logo_no_dateYou may have heard about a very disturbing development in Afghanistan, one which will be devastating for our clients and indeed every Afghan citizen: President Karzai may sign a new law, already passed by the Afghan parliament, that forbids relatives from testifying against any accused person.

In other words, a person who has suffered abuse at the hand of a relative, or a person who has witnessed a relative commit a crime, cannot testify against that relative.  Male and female assailants will be able to commit crimes against relatives with total impunity, and what’s more, even physicians who have examined the victims of crimes are forbidden to testify.

This means that most of our clients, women and girls who have suffered brutality at the hands of their family members, will have no legal recourse.

We cannot allow this law to pass, and we need you, our supporters, to do your part:

I will keep you informed about developments.  WAW is organizing along with women’s organizations in Afghanistan and international human rights organizations.

Determined to defeat this assault on women’s human rights,
and counting on all of you to add your powerful voice to our protest,
Manizha Naderi
Executive Director, WAW

February 5, 2014