US Walk for Afghan girls

WAW-22Arianna was born in Afghanistan — the eighth child in her family. Her mother died in labor and because she was a girl, her father abandoned her at the hospital.Meena was working at the same hospital and learned of Arianna’s plight. She knew that if she did not take the baby home, Arianna would likely be sold as a servant or as a future child bride. Meena immediately decided to raise the child as her own but when she bought her home, her husband and in-laws were furious and her husband filed for divorce.

Meena struggled as a single mother but Arianna thrived under her loving care. Several years later, they were granted asylum in the U.S. and moved to New York. They were referred to Women for Afghan Women by a local Afghan market. WAW signed Arianna up for school, took her for vaccinations, and spent the summer providing her with free one-on-one English tutoring. Arianna recently entered the fourth grade and was thrilled when she passed her English as a Second Language exam. Arianna participates in WAW’s after-school tutoring program and the Girls’ Leadership Program, and is grateful for the love of her mother and her new friends at WAW. Today, Arianna’s future is bright and hopeful — all because of the solidarity of supporters like you!

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