The Farkhunda Scholarship

The Farkhunda Scholarship

Founded by AMEWYS for girls and women who face violence in their communities.



Farkhunda was a courageous young Afghan woman with a degree in Sharia Law who was brutally murdered by a Kabul mob after pointing out how the Koran was being misinterpreted.

Within minutes of being falsely accused by a Mullah of ‘tearing up the Koran’ Farkhunda was set upon by a militant crowd of angry men who kicked her, stoned her with large rocks and ripped off her clothing. They drove a car over her shattered body before throwing it from a rooftop into the city’s polluted river. Then, in a final act of degradation, they poured petrol over Farkhunda and burned her like coal.

The violent death of this innocent young woman shocked the international community.

Misinterpretation of Islam has bred a culture in which violence and oppression of women has become almost normalised, making it extremely hard for them to get access to education or pursue professional careers. This situation has developed alongside the legacy of long term conflict, creating a situation in which normal structures of civil society and non-governmental organisations are not able to operate properly.


AMEWYS (the Asia Middle East Women & Youth Society) believes that members of society need to act together to restore government & non-government institutions to functionality, so that ALL citizens can enjoy the normal life that they are entitled to. To this end, AMEWYS wishes to establish a scholarship to support higher education for girls in Afghanistan.

It sees education as one of the critical vehicles by which moderate Islam can triumph in preparing young girls and ‘women-of-the-future’ for key roles in their respective societies.

AMEWYS plans to establish a charity to fund Farkhunda Scholarships to begin that process of transformation. In that way, Farkhunda’s death will mark a new beginning for a generation of young women.

Once we have set up a framework for charitable giving, we will arrange to have a Charity Donor Site to which you can make donations to this critically important initiative.

Staring with 10 students, we hope to begin the process of educating a generation of able young women to become the leaders of the future in their country.

With YOUR help we can do this, so please  stay tuned for further information!