Taliban militants closes 26 schools in Nangarhar province

The Taliban militants have closed at least 26 schools and two other educational institutes in Deh Bala district of eastern Nangarhar province.

According to local government officials, the step by Taliban was taken after two members of the Taliban group were arrested by Afghan intelligence operatives.

A spokesman for the provincial education department, Asif Shenwari said around 20,000 students can not attend classes after Taliban militants issued warning to close the schools and educational institutes.

Shenwari further added that the step by Taliban militants was taken three days ago and the students have not been able to go to schools and educational institutes.

He said negotiations between the tribal elders and Taliban militants continue for the reopening of the schools and educational institutes.

According to Shenwari, the Taliban group has demanded to suspend a number of security officials, release their detainees and provide their fighters with medicines and food so that they reopen the schools and other educational institutes.


By KHAAMA PRESS – Wed Nov 12 2014