Progress on cancer contral

ACCC2The Afghan Cancer Control Technical Committee held its second meeting on July 8th.

ACCC Secretary Dr Maihan Abdullah said,  “The meeting,  chaired by Deputy Health Minister Dr. Ahmad Jan Naeem, brought together  members of parliament, the First Lady’s health advisor, surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists and other health care professionals working in cancer. They were joined by  representatives of various organisations working in cancer control and prevention.

The main agenda of the meeting was to present the assessment of the current cancer services in Afghanistan and get feedback from the participants abut how a cancer service, using existing resources,  could be established.”

Dr Abdullah also thanked the Afghan Women’s Support Forum for its  help in raising the profile of the Committee’s work. “Please join me in offering our gratitude to Afghan Women’s Support Forum (AWSF) members. Special thanks go to distinguished Dr. Shinkai Karokhail and Dr. Zarghuna Tarakai for sharing their moving stories. Kindly read the article and spread the word by sharing the link.

“It is exciting to know that since the publication of this article, AWSF (Dr. Tarakai in particular) has received numerous phone calls, emails, and messages from various parts of the world  promising support  to establish a cancer centre in Afghanistan.”