New advocacy platform launched for female entrepreneurs


LEAD (Leading Entrepreneurs’ of Afghanistan for Development) is an  an advocacy platform for women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan which was launched this year with support of US Embassy in Afghanistan. For further details and access to its website click HERE.

LEAD was formed when  a  group of active women entrepreneurs came to gather with a common aim – to advocate for the economic stability of women and ensure that women entrepreneurs were valued and recognised.

Encouraged by  supporters encouraged they held a  series of discussions to highlight their Vision, Mission and Goal.

VISION: Afghan Women and women Entrepreneurs are nationally and internationally recognized and women’s contribution in sustainable economic development is acknowledged.

MISSION: To meaningfully represent and support women’s concerns and interest in the economic sector .

GOAL: To facilitate increase of women’s participation and recognition up to 5% in the economic sector and economic activities on annual basis.



  •  To ensure that women perspectives are included in economical policies and regulations.
  • To lobby for better conditions of women in economic sector to the policy makers

Capacity Building

  • To provide and advocate for quality learning opportunities for women in business

Information and Awareness

  •  To raise awareness on current regulations, laws, procedures and rights to do business to the women owned businesses
  •  To establish an information system containing the accurate and up to date economical issues of women