Husband Beats Pregnant Wife to Death in Takhar

A 22-year-old woman has lost her life after being severally beaten by her husband for unknown reasons in northeastern Takhar according to police sources. ( Wednesday, 18 February 2015  ) 

takhar-hospital-18-feb-15The victim, Acha Gul, succumbed to her injuries when shifted to the hospital in Kalafgan district, Police Chief Haji Mohammad Agha said, adding the victim’s husband was under police custody.

“This woman was shifted to the hospital by the police after she was beaten,” Agha said. “Her husband is under police custody and is being interrogated.”After several hours of treatment, the doctors said Gul died in the hospital, but right after her baby was born.

“The woman died after profuse bleeding,but her baby was born,” said Dr. Ikramuddin Ikrami, head of Takhar civilian hospital.

Strongly condemning the growing cases of violence against women in the north, the Takhar women’s affairs director, Razm Ara Hawash, said Gul is the 21st woman killed over the past 11 months in the province.

“This is the second woman being killed in a week in Takhar,” Hawash said, calling on the security authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Based on the statistics provided by the Takhar women’s affairs directorate, 21 women have been killed, six underage girls raped and 360 other cases of violence against women have been recorded in the past 11 months.

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