Huma Sultani under fire from JALAL

The JALAL Foundation has described Huma Sultani’s support  for the Taliban as a  betrayal of trust and urged her ‘not to be a pawn’ of those who are the enemy of women

It is a response to meetings described in PAJHWOK AFGHAN NEWS.

JALAL: “By declaring her support to the Taliban and broaching the creation of “Islamic State in Afghanistan, similar to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)”, Ghazni representative Huma Sultani has betrayed the trust of the people who put her in office. Her mandate deserves to be recalled. Her recall and/or suspension from the Parliament will enable the public to desist from looking up to her as a public figure and credible opinion maker in the political scene.

Sultani has a moral obligation to come out in national television and explain the wisdom behind her agitating political pronouncements. The Taliban should also issue an official confirmation of her claim as the lone peace negotiator on behalf of Mullah Omar. Unless these are done, the Parliament should consider suspending her on the ground of false misrepresentation which is a conduct unbecoming of a legislator. Her own constituents in Ghazni should also initiate a recall of her mandate due to loss of confidence. Since, she has long ceased to perform her functions as a member of the Parliament, she is no longer serving the interests of her constituents. Huma Sultani should be reminded that she was elected as a representative of Ghazni and she has no right to use her position to espouse ideologies that do not reflect the sentiments of the people whom she vowed to represent.

We are deeply sorry that a woman with an illustrious background on human rights has issued such an irresponsible pronouncement. As former head of the women’s development section and director of the central region of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, she is no stranger to the deaths and sufferings that Afghan women experience due to the Taliban’s anti-women ideologies. We call upon her to rethink her position and desist from being used as a Taliban’s pawn to aggravate the misery of our people.”