‘Help save shop that is lifeline for Afghan women’


Zardozi – Markets for Afghan Artisans is an NGO that supports Afghan women to support themselves through business. Its shop in Kabul  sells their products.

20150318041254-Perk_ProductsSeveral hundred women depend on the shop for their livelihoods and it used to bring in a good income for them – selling to the foreigners in Kabul. Unfortunately in 2014, the foreigners started leaving. Those who didn’t found   their movement is so restricted by security protocols that they couldn’t visit the shop.

Zardozi has  tried a lot of different sales models – visiting people in their compounds, setting up on-line shopping and reducing costs as far as possible. None of these things have been successful so the NGO is now  trying to find export markets. Selling  to the Afghan domestic market seems to be the best option.

For this work Zardozi needs investment in product development and marketing  – activities it no longer has the capital to fund.

To raise this money it has set up  a crowdfunding site.

Click HERE to access it.


For the past 20 years Zardozi has been working with Afghan women stranded in the refugee camps on the border with Pakistan. Since 9/11 most families have returned to Afghanistan but thousands are left who can’t go back either because they fear for their lives or because they have nothing to go back to.

20150326013035-CFC_Text_Page1 Many of these refugee families have no working age men – the  women want to work but opportunities are limited. Through  long experience Zardozi has answers and is ready to support every woman that seeks our help.

With Zardozi working with them refugee women have used their traditional skills in embroidery to produce stylish products  that we sell for them in Kabul. Our strongest customers in the past have been the international community, a community  which has begun to diminish throughout Afghanistan.