Funds authorised for women’s projects not used

Goal for Women in the Afghan National Army  and Afghan Air Force has not been met.

SIGAR has released a supplement to the January 2015 quarterlSIGAR REPORTy report to Congress.  The supplement contains information that received classified or otherwise restricted responses from DOD, but which have now been declassified.  Additionally, this supplement lists 10 of the 21 missing data call questions that the State Department  did not answer or respond to until after the quarterly report publishing deadline. 

The Report notes: This quarter, ISAF reported that 860 women were serving in the ANA and Afghan Air Force—less than half a percent of the total force. Of those, 297 were officers, 322 were non-commissioned officers (NCOs), 119 were enlisted, and 122 were cadets in training.57 The ANA’s 12-week Basic Warrior Training course includes a class on behavior and expectations of male soldiers who work with ANA women. The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission conducts two-day seminars for the ANSF that include training in eliminating violence against women.58 The NDAA for FY 2014, Pub. L. No. 113-66, authorizes $25 million to be used for the programs and activities to support the recruitment, integration, retention, training, and treatment of women in the ANSF.59 Additionally, NATO has allocated $10 million from the ANA Trust Fund for ANA women’s programs.

However, according to ISAF, some commanders, perhaps resistant to women in the ANA, are reportedly using this unique funding source as an excuse not to use regular funding sources for women’s programs. 60 CSTC-A reported that none of the NDAA-authorized funds authorized for women’s programs have been used during Afghan FY 1394 (2015) because the Afghan fiscal year did not begin until December 21, 2014. CSTC-A reported they cannot spend the funds available for ANA women’s programs until the new fiscal year begins. However, the command did not explain why no funds were used during the last fiscal year, as the NDAA was signed into law on December 26, 2013.

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