Funding opportunity: Call for Pre-Application Notices

Funding opportunity: Call for Pre-Application Notices

Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls: intervention development, delivery, operations research and impact evaluation

What Works To Prevent Violence is a global programme administered by a consortium led by the Medical Research Council of South Africa (SA MRC), in partnership with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Social Development Direct, on behalf of DFID. Its aim is to build knowledge on what works to prevent VAWG.

This spans knowledge on:

(i) primary prevention strategies and programmes to stop violence before it starts,

(ii) interventions to strengthen women’s and girls’ resilience to violence, and

(iii) specific response mechanisms that seek to prevent VAWG.

1.      We will be making innovation grants to support 10-14 national organisations or international NGOs working in DFID priority countries to fund innovative approaches to preventing violence or meeting the needs of victims/survivors. The grants will cover the design and implementation of the intervention as well as the costs of evaluating its impact. In the process, the grants will strengthen the capacity of researchers to conduct rigorous evaluation research on VAWG interventions.

2.      We will also be undertaking operations research and impact evaluations of promising existing interventions to assess their effectiveness, or if proven effective, to better understand the economics of scale up.  In this case, the implementation of the programme interventions will already be funded by DFID or by other development partners or national Government, and this research fund will bring technical and financial support for robust operations research and/or impact evaluation.

The pre-announcement call and guidance notes are attached. Deadline for expressions of interest (1-2 pages) is 25 April 2014.


·         Please circulate the attached through your country networks to NGOs, development partners, donor coordination networks, in case partners are interested to apply for innovation grants.

·         Please consider whether you have a DFID-funded programme that would benefit from robust operations research and/or impact evaluation. If so, please complete the 1-2 page application by the deadline.

Please direct queries to : . The SA MRC is available to discuss feasibility of DFID-funded programmes during this process.