Female orphans over 18 have nowhere to go

Officials from orphanages housing girls have raised concerns over the lack of housing for them once they turn 18.

Head of Allauddin Kabul city orphanage said with Afghanistan being a traditional society, girls leaving the safety of orphanages may not live alone – which is a serious problem for officials. 

“When the girls graduate from orphanages, the girls don’t have a place to live after 18. It would be really good if there could be housing provided for them,” said Mawa, the head of Allauddin Kabul city orphanage.

Meanwhile Shahla, a young girl who has been living in the Allauddin orphanage for 11 years says she can stay for only one more year before she has to leave.

“Once I finish school and leave the orphanage I don’t have any place to live. I just ask that someone can provide me with a place to live once I graduate from the orphanage,” said Shahla.

Officials said that all orphanages across the country face similar problems, but that those in the provinces were below standard.

In addition, the head of Afghanistan orphanages admitted that corruption within the administration systems at orphanages is a serious problem and said this was having an impact on the facilities.

“More than fifty percent of the problem is due to nepotism and corruption and other issues – this results in orphanages, outside of Kabul, being below standard,” said Sayed Abdullah Hashimi general director for Afghanistan orphanages.

Meanwhile Hashimi raised his concerns over budgets allocated to orphanages and said these were being used to find other sectors.

At the moment 13,500 children and teenagers are living in 40 orphanages across the country but Hashimi said that only thirteen orphanages in the country are deemed to be run properly. 

 SOURCE: Tolo News HERE.

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