Cleric arrested on charges of issuing fatwa to kill woman in Badghis

Local security officials of Badghis province on Tuesday said that they have arrested a Mullah (Cleric) on charges of issuing “Fatwa” against a woman and ordering to kill her in April this year.

The officials said that the Mullah issued a “Fatwa” against a woman named Halima accusing her of having illicit relationship with a man in Kokchail village of the province. As per the orders of the cleric, Halima was shot dead in presence of the villagers.

According to reports, the accused cleric, Abdul Ghafoor, had handed over a gun to Halima’s father asking him to kill is 20-year-old daughter in full public view.

“This is cruelty and we are trying to arrest those who set-up their own courts and kill women. We have to implement stringent laws on them,” said Ahmadullah Alizai, Badghis Governor.

Meanwhile, the man who had an affair with Halima has not been arrested until now.

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TOLO NEWS РTuesday, 30 July 2013  Written by Jawid Ziaratjai