Aspire Award for Afghan doctor

AWSF member Dr Zarghuna Taraki has been  honoured with an APN (Afghan Professionals Network) Aspire Award  for her achievements as a breast surgeon at University College London Hospital.

Dr Taraki, who is one of a small number of female Afghan  surgeons in the UK, was honoured for her  “great achievements in this competitive field”.

The APn Aspire Awards is a highly popular and prestigious annual event in London aimed at recognising Afghan professionals who have displayed outstanding achievements in their respective fields – individuals whom the younger generation can aspire towards.

IMG_2337In addition to her achievements in the UK, Dr Taraki has played a key role in the campaign to secure dedicated breast cancer facilities for women in Afghanistan. See UK PROGRESSIVE.

With representation in London, Cambridge, Kabul, Washington DC, New York, and San Diego, the Afghan Professionals network (APn), established in 2012, is a dynamic team of professional Afghan volunteers from across the globe leveraging their collective passion, expertise and global relationships to re-invent Afghanistan, one sector at a time. APn believes educated and skilled professionals with the right values are key to developing a better future for Afghanistan and its people.

APn’s vision is to a) channel the energy and expertise of a connected global network of professional Afghans to positively contribute to the Afghan community, b) develop and deliver educational, professional development and charitable initiatives that benefit the people of Afghanistan; and c) portray a positive, and more representative, image of Afghans and Afghanistan globally. APn’s key values include: Tolerance, Unity, Equality, Respect, Diversity and Collaboration. APn has developed numerous initiatives across three key dimensions: Education, Professional Development, and Charity. Educational initiatives facilitate knowledge sharing; Professional Development initiatives aim to inspire, connect and support the professional Afghan community; and Charitable initiatives are in the areas of social welfare and socio-economic development in Afghanistan.