Afghans face England at cricket – thanks to Berkshire mother

WHEN England face Afghanistan in the Cricket World Cup this week, one Berkshire mother will be rooting for the other side. For Sarah Fane, a doctor from Aldworth, has led the campaign to make cricket Afghanistan’s national sport.

01_NH08CRI_1134625kNot content with defeating England in two wars (the third is usually considered a draw), the Afghans are hoping to send their erstwhile enemy packing in Sydney by beating them on Friday for the first time. If they win it will be partly thanks to Fane and her teenage son who saw cricket as a way to encourage young Afghans away from violence.

Fane, 51, first went to Afghanistan when she was a medical student in the late 1980s to help pregnant mothers. She set up the Afghan Connection charity in 2002 after the fall of the Taliban

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