Afghanistan Election Guide

The Guardian offers an ‘Election Guide’ looking at the background, the candidates and the issues.
“Eleven candidates, 12 million voters, more than 6,000 polling centres – and a lot of headaches for the victor. But who are the men who would be Afghan president and what do they offer?The election is the third presidential poll since the fall of the Taliban. It should pave the way for the country’s first-ever peaceful democratic transfer of power, because the constitution bars the incumbent, Hamid Karzai, from standing again. The fact that Afghanistan has never managed such a handover before is an indication of how fraught the process could be, even without the complication of a raging insurgency.”
The Afghan constitution bars Hamid Karzai, in power since the fall of the Taliban, from standing for election again so the country will son have a new president.
Full guide and information about candidates can be found HERE.