Afghan women’s economic participation

Afgahn WOmen's Economic Participation

Report: Afghan Women’s Economic Participation from Building Markets

Building Markets has conducted a nationwide survey of Afghanistan to measure the economic participation of Afghan women; from this survey, we have created a report to profile the challenges and successes experienced by women in Afghanistan as they participate in and support local economies. This report is available in English, Dari, and Pashto.

Equality in the workplace helps lift people out of poverty and contributes to higher GDP levels, but around the world women continue to represent an untapped economic potential. Globally, the gender gap in the workplace is on the decline, with women-owned businesses an increasingly important driver of change in the private sector for broader economic development.

Now more than ever before, an unprecedented number of Afghan women are participating in the formal private sector economy as entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees. However, there is very little data available on these women and their activities. A primary objective of this report is to document and better understand their experiences and needs as they see them

Craig Zelizer

Posted by Craig Zelizer on December 11, 2013 at 10:49am in Discussion of Conflict Area

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