Afghan Women Network (AWN) calls for protection of women during the impending run-off elections


KABUL: The Afghan Women Network (AWN) has urged the government’s security bodies to protect women during the impending run-off elections in order to ensure their massive turnout.AWN Chief, Hasina Safaee,heaped praised on the participation of 36%of women in the first round of presidential elections, but stressed that insecurity was still a big challenge ahead of women throughout the country particularly in remote districts.

“The huge turnout of Afghan women in elections showed how supportive of democracy they are,” she said, asking all women to cast their votes once again and steer elections towards success. She said the network plans to carry out awareness campaigns for women across the country and call on religious scholars and mullahs to motivate women through mosques to take part in the upcoming run-off elections.
“Afghan Women Network expects a greater number of women to vote, and anticipates a turnout of 46% of women in the run-off elections,” asserted Safaee, pinpointing a few conditions including protection of women during elections, recruitment of policewomen for frisking female voters, and ensuring presence of female observers. “Moreover, the candidates’ appearance with their wives in campaigns or in media conferences will inspire more women to participate in electoral process.”
AWN asked the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to resume the distribution of voter cards, as many people in certain provinces have lost their cards in recent natural disasters. The network also urged candidates to chalk out pragmatic policies for empowering women and improve gender equality.
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