‘Afghan women hold talks with Taliban in Norway’ – report

Norwegian media on Thursday reported that a delegation of Afghan women are currently holding informal talks with Taliban representatives in Oslo, Norway writes  Mir Abed Joyenda  (Tolo News)

Fawzia Kofi andFawzia Kofi , members of parliament, along with Hawa Alam Nuristani, a member of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC), are reportedly representing Afghan women in the talks which have entered the second day, the reports stated.

“There are no negotiations, but only informal talks,” Norway Today quoted the country’s foreign ministry communication manager Frode Overland Andersen as saying.

The report continued that the talks, which were being held behind closed doors, were aimed at achieving peace and at ensuring women’s rights and their freedom.

However, there are no reports on details of the talks, but the HPC members are optimistic about the outcome of the process, though they are informal.

“We welcome any efforts toward achieving peace,” HPC foreign advisor Mohammad Qasim Ismail Qasimyar told TOLOnews. “Such rounds of talks can help develop a better understanding of negotiations with the Taliban.”

This comes after representatives from the Taliban, HPC and mediators from Pugwash, an international organization of peace initiators, held preliminary but informal talks in Doha, Qatar last month.

But some other commentators speculate that the peace process is facing new challenges.

“We have more challenges now in the peace process,” leader of the National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan, Sayed Ishaq Gilani said. “In the past only the government and a single group were the decision makers in peace talks, but now the decision making process has become more challenging.”

Reports suggest that another preliminary meeting to hold a second round of these talks is expected to be held  in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Thursday, 04 June 2015 16:53