Afghan Women Demand Political Participation

Afghan women assert that as they cast 38 per cent of the vote they should have  participation in the  National Unity Government (NUG). In spite of   threats, lack of facilities and security risks,  women came forward to   votes for a better future.


 A press release by the AWN said:  The leading Presidential Candidates prior to the elections,  the President and Chief Executive Officer in the inauguration ceremony, at the national and  international platforms, announced their commitment on women’s participation and emphasized on women’s share in the government. The Afghan cabinet is an important platform where at the London Conference both the President and CEO announced 4 cabinet seats for women that was the headline in the national and international news. Despite the above mentioned facts, we have had accepted the pledge of the NUG introducing three women nominees. These nominees regretfully, could not succeed due to lack of educational documents,possessing dual citizenship and age difference. This is unacceptable to the Afghan women whose only objective is to serve the country and participate in the rebuilding of the country equally as men.

If we divide the total cabinet members into four parts, the women share would count 38 percent, implying that 9 members of total 25 cabinet members should be allocated to women.

Our vote was vital for the NUG. We want the NUG to take serious steps in introducing women in the cabinet as follows