Afghan women by numbers – a snapshot.

Statistics on Women Judges, Teachers, Politicians and others in Afghanistan posted in Wadsam News reveal that:

  • 33% of teachers in Afghanistan are women
  • 240 Afghan women are serving as judges.
  • 3.5 million Afghan girls are attending schools/Madrassas across the country.


Based on figures from the Afghan Ministry of Education, there are currently:

  • 8.5m students
  • 170,000 teachers and about 16,000 schools.
  • The Education Ministry’s staff is over 92,000, of whom 28% are women.
  • In the capital Kabul, 78% of the teachers are women.


According to recent report from the Afghan Government, 1,300 Afghan women are serving in the Afghan National Police Force  and 2,000 women are part of the security forces.


There are 3,700 Afghan female doctors and 800 private businesses led by women.


Hundreds of Afghan female athletes have participated in various international and national sports

Four Afghan girls are leading the nation’s orchestra.


At the provincial level, 32% of departments are led by Afghan women.

Afghan women form 27% of the House of Representatives (68 out of 249) and 17 seats are allocated for women in the Afghan Senate.

Representatives from the South-Western Nimroz province are all women.

The Afghan Government has announced its intention to allocate 30% of government posts to Afghan women until 2018.

Afghan women form 22% of Afghanistan’s public service employees.

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