‘A good place for women’ says First Lady Rula Ghani

images Turning down concerns about the future of Afghan women, First Lady Rula Ghani said the country was becoming a good place for women who have suffered various types of violence for years.

“It’s no longer a place you can say, oh, what a pity this girl was born in Afghanistan,” the First Lady told Fox News. “Afghanistan is starting to be a good place for a woman to be.”
She noted that currently the Afghan women were playing a major role in economic, political and social sectors.
Rejecting concerns that women’s situation would deteriorate in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign troops; Ghani stated that she was hopeful about the women’s future in the war-torn country.
“There are a lot of very strong women,” Ghani replied when asked if she was the reason for the optimism.

She hoped the Afghan women would never return to their past.
The National Unity Government (NUG) had better programs to improve the situation of women, she said, adding that the implementation of such programs would change the course of history for women of the country.
Women in Afghanistan have suffered from several types of violence including forced and underage marriages, domestic violence, rape, and honor killings.

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